President's Welcome.


Hello Moms, moms!

Let me first start off by saying how very honored I am knowing that you have entrusted me with leading our chapter for the next two years. It is a humbling moment and one that I don’t take lightly. I am excited and eager to jump into this year where we have so many amazing occasions to celebrate!

I joined NSAC in the Spring of 2012 when my daughter was a 1st grader and my son was in 7th grade. My initial decision to join had more to do with my daughter. She was in a majority school and even at that early age (like many of our kids) I could tell that she was already noticing the “differences” between she and her friends. It broke my heart to see her trying so hard to find a buddy and then coming home only to say, “they just don’t get me.” Ugh. . . total mommy breakdown.

My sponsor, at that time was J&J tenured mom, Evelyn Goodloe. She is the mother of 2 beautiful girls and she understood my pain. We joined and from that moment on, we haven’t looked back since. In these 7 years, both of my children have formed lifelong friendships that will become the foundation of how they view our community.

I have had an amazing run in this chapter, serving on many levels. But what I love most are the friendships I’ve made; friendships, dare I say, that may have never been cultivated w/out the connection of J&J. I enjoy the laughs, I enjoy coming together for a common cause — our children — and I enjoy our passion for our children, family and this organization. You can’t join J&J and just sit on the sidelines; you just can’t. If you do, you’re missing out on so much of what this organization and our chapter is about and your children are too.

In taking on this commitment, I immediately thought of all the many things I wanted to jump into. Luckily, however, several of my predecessors stepped into say, find my sweet spot and go with that. Find that one cause or one issue that I’m passionate about and cultivate and develop that. Sage advise, certainly. But I found that my passions run deep and wide (yikes!).

In muddling through all of my desires for this chapter, I realized that what I want most, for moms! you moms as well as for myself, is to be able to contribute to this chapter in a way that unleashes our passions and our talents in a fearless way. A way that recognizes that perfection is not the goal. . . because who can ever reach perfection? In fact, perfection is “other” focused. It’s about being recognized; more about the external rather than the internal. And, it’s just not attainable.

If we can fully understand that, we can now come to the table with a passion, enthusiasm, excitement and energy that allows us to dream BIG for our children and not be afraid to take a risk in fear of failing. It’s ok to be a bit vulnerable. So, . . . . as we start this new programmatic year, let’s start saying "I Get to Instead of I have to!” Let’s keep surprising ourselves with what we can do instead of what we can’t do. We are here, so let’s give it our all.